Investor Advocate (IA) offers a unique and transparent approach to purchasing property.

We help financial planners advise their clients on their direct property investment decisions . Helping identify property that will assist them to meet their financial goal based on the stage in their investment cycle. Saving time and money through our experience, and gaining access to a wide network of developers and property professionals to find the property that fits you.

Investor Advocate operates as a fully licenced real estate company with services to help your clients with a direct property investment strategy.  Investor Advocate has created a number of products, including our Purchasing Campaigns,that give our clients access to expertise, research and a tailored investment search. Campaigns that have been created to meet varying needs and experience that each investor has. 

Investor Advocate clients also receive our “Monthly Offerings” newsletter and access to “Hot Deals”. Our Monthly Offerings is a selection of property opportunities that may be in a variety of markets around the country and specifically chosen by our Investor Advocate executives for either their potential capital or income-generating outlook. Our Hot Deals email will be offering properties that are either distressed, off market transactions or properties that are considered by Investor Advocate to be opportunities that offer a unique value proposition. (i.e. under market value; compressed time requirement; rare opportunity in sought after market). These are random offerings and will be offered out to current subscription clients and their advisors.

Our goal is to create a lifetime relationship with our valued clients and guide them through their future property investment decisions and planning.

IA’s process is designed to work with the investors financial planner or accountant to fill the property advice gap in the investment team that works with a common goal, your future.


why we are different
  • We do not exclusively market projects for sale.
  • We have created a controlled and structured environment to help the investor implement their financial plan for direct property investment.
  • Controlling the process though purchasing campaigns to focus efforts in a coordinated team approach.
  • Investor Advocate brings together over 80 years of property agency experience and offers a unique and transparent approach to purchasing property. We work exclusively with industry people that we know and trust.
  • A personal approach to provide investors and their financial planners the comfort that they are being looked after. To ensure that they are not being sold property that is overpriced due to large commissions or incentives that have been built into that price.

Investor Advocates professionalism combined with their “true to their word” approach give us the confidence and trust that we need for our clients property needs…