We created IA out of the need to provide investors, and financial planners, an avenue to assist them in finding property that meet their individual financial goals.

With the wealth creation process has become far more complicated that it use to be Financial planner needs to be able to work with a team of professional advisors to help them guide their clients to financial security.  Property is the area where they are unable to advise and there clients are forced to search on their own without a guide to help them.

  • To create a controlled and structured environment where the advisor and the client are getting a clear and transparent property purchase.
  • To work as part of the investment team that the planner calls on to deliver investment outcomes that meet the objectives of there client.
  • To remove the onus on the investor to decipher the mountains of information out in the market about property and what it offers. To help planners guide their clients in property investment.

Our development clients are looking for results, Investor Advocate consistently delivers for us…