Investor Purchasing Campaigns
  1. Investor – Created for the time poor investor that needs an additional resource to assist them with their search and distill all the information that is in the market. This campaign is very focused and would ideally suit investors that currently own investment property.
  2. Premium – Designed to provide more assistance to the investor and a slightly longer time frame to assist in making the decision and to understand the opportunities. Perfect for the new investor who has purchased property before, their own home, and familiar with the process.
  3. Platinum – With additional services to the Premium campaign, Platinum will help long time owners, their own home, but have not ventured into the second property investment. It will give them a bit more analysis on the chosen market and also their current property.


DomaCom purchasing campaign for Financial Planners

The DomaCom purchasing campaign have been specifically created around the fractional ownership model and takes into account the process and time requirements that investing into property via the DomaCom platform needs. Taking time to work with the planner to help them identify target properties that will work for either the Private Book Build with their clients or to assist them in an independent review of one of the Public Book Builds.


Buyer agency service.

Investor Advocate can also create a more bespoke buying process for clients where the investment may be the family home or portfolio property purchase. This service would be tailored based on an understanding of the clients overall strategy.

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